Saturday, January 23, 2016

CheriePie'sCross Country RV Road Trip July 2009

This post is 7 years overdue but I wanted to get it up here for prosperity sake.

Mike and I, along with our beautiful (and now dearly departed) bunnies Rudy and Sasia, traveled across the US in our RV when moving from Massachusetts to California.

This is the route we took:

 photo 4804_218935675712_2127506_n.jpg

We made several stops and mini-vacations along the way. While passing through North Carolina, we visited with Breeni.

Cherie & Breeni
Cherie & Breeni
sorry for the face in pic 2, I think I was getting aggravated with Mike because he takes such lousy pictures. LOL

Getting through Texas seemed to take forever, but we got to hook up with more a couple more BookObsessers. We stopped in Paris, TX and met up with Needmorezoloft and Elsi. Unfortunately I forgot to snap pics while Elsi was there, but I managed to snag a few of NMZ and her daughter Jordan before they got away. :D

Leilani and Jordan
Cherie, Jordan, and Leilani

We also stopped in Philadelphia (PA), Memphis (TN), Atlanta (GA), and Santa Fe (NM) (plus a couple other uneventful overnight stops) taking just over 2 weeks to drive from the East Coast to the West.

You can find the full set of pictures from our journey at Cherie's & Mike's Big Adventure Flickr album.