Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A good one from the final Sunday night in Charleston

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Megi was kind enough to find this picture, which should've made it over here. That's Scott (redsoxguy), our new BookCrossing CEO there lifting his shirt. And the rest, from left to right, are Buffra, Rhonda (Matt's wife--I forget her BC name), Inkognitoh, Molyneux, MartiP, and CheriePie (me). I think that was BountifulPots who's cheek you can see peeking in between Rhonda and Inko.

Noumena had already went up to bed, and the bar had closed, so I brought down the bottle of Malibu from the room, someone else brought some vodka, and we mixed up our own drinks!


bookczuk said...

okay- it's Buffra, Rhonda (SCOTT's wife),Inkoh, Moylneux, MartiP and you. : )


bookczuk said...

Oh- and Rhonda's screen name is NYGirl. : )