Sunday, April 22, 2007

Charleston 2007

I arrived on Wednesday and DH and I decided to try and stay out at the beach for the night. Well after getting lost constantly and finally finding a beach to see no signs for any hotel at all,we gave up. Then the trick was to find our way back to Charleston HAHA

After several attempts we finally decided to stay at the convention hotel. We got an unrenovated room.

Thurs, we spent out at 2 plantations Beautiful places. I also found out that all green ,oolong and black tea is made fromthe same leaves. Before we went I got to meet Gizmopuddy and SirRoy (2 Irish BCers) Lauren and I have had some dealings with

Thurs night we went to the airport to get Lauren and ran into Ap, EllyMae and Breeni. It was raining big time and flooding.

Fri we spent at Fort Sumter. The boat ride out was neat but the fort is just a fort

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