Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm home!


First, the airline changed my seat when I flew out of Charlotte, so I had to sit next to the exit. I hate sitting next to the exit. :( Coming into Denver, the airport wasn't letting any planes come in because of bad thunderstorms. So we had to be in a "holding pattern" for close to 45 minutes. It was over 4 hours I was on that damn plane. Luckily, I still had plenty of time to catch my connecting flight, although the gate was changed 3 times. It was kind of neat though, to see the lightning from up inside the plane.

Both me and my luggage finally made it to San Diego. I slept practically the whole way on that leg of my trip, so I don't really know how that flight went. Just glad to finally be off the plane.

I still have lots of pictures to share here, and I hope to get them all posted tomorrow. Right now, I think it's time to go to bed, since my body still thinks I'm on South Carolina time!

It was so much fun meeting everyone!!! Can't wait for Obsessapalooza to do it all again!

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