Monday, April 23, 2007

Sticky Fingers Obsessors Swap

Hoser Lauren is a mite thirsty!!

I dunno... why is this is so funny, Lauren? ;) :P

Azuki's hubby... I forget his screen name... sowwie Mike. *blush*

a better picture

hmmmm... how do I feel about these?

and the books are...

Lauren sez wheeee a new reveal :)

Okay, my battery is running low, so if of the other contributors to this blog knows how to edit my code so the text appears next to the picture it refers to, then feel free to fix it for me (and let me know wat you had to do cuz I wanna know for future reference.) :)

ETA - Okay, I got the text to post beneath the relevant picture at least, if not next to, like the first one, byt changing the style in the pic to none, but feel free to enlighten me, thy Goddesses who post multiple pics per post with styles, as to the right code to work it out like I want. :) I would be forever grateful. *kiss*

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