Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm FINALLY home!!

Finally made it home Tuesday afternoon! I just can't help being last, can I? LOL Got bumped from my flight last night in exchange for a $400 travel voucher. So now ApObsessapalooza is a definite go for me as my ticket plus another trip or two is all paid for! bananadance2

Fortunately, I made friends with another girl who was on my flight so we decided to let them bump us together. In addition to the $400 travel voucher, we had a delicious Yuck airport dinner in the Atlanta Airport and stayed at a "no less than a 3 star hotel" (yeah right!) but hey... at least I got in one more night of partying, and contributing to the delinquincy of others! Winking 4 Some of you will know what I mean! LOL

All in all, I probably got no more than 8-10 hours sleep during over the last 6 days so I need to go lie down for a bit.

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