Monday, April 23, 2007

getting ready to leave & lost money

So somehow last night I misplaced my change purse/wallet with about $40-$60 cash in it. :( I had it when I cashed out at the bar shortly after midnight, but unfortunately, it didn't make it back up to the room with me and wasn't with my stuff this morning.

I retraced my steps and all that, left a note with the front desk, and at the bar, but so far, no luck. Well, at least it was only cash, and not my ID, credit cards or any other important items. Still, it's a bitch because I'd kind of taken that extra $ out yesterday so that I'd have $ for the shuttle to the airport, and then at the airport itself, particularly during my layover in Atlanta and all. *sigh* Because I'd actually taken out $100 the day before, and couldn't believe I went through that so fast... where'd it all go??

So anyway, I've got a wireless connection from the room, though it's a bit spotty and touchy at times, but I'm going to be shutting down now, so unless I pull the lappy back out and get/pay for wireless connectivity in Atlanta, this'll probably be my last post until I'm back online tomorrow. My flight leaves Charleston at 4:40 pm, and after a 2.5 hour layover in Atlanta, gets into Boston at 10:56 pm.

This was another great convention, and it was much fun meeting some people for the first time: EllyMae, Breeni, Azuki & Mike, Sci and Turtle, and seeing others again: Noumena, Apolonia, Ace and Lauren. :) I hope everyone enjoyed all the pictures, and updates. :D

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Sheila said...

I'm sorry to hear that Cherie. It is a bitch to lose money. I can't believe I went through a lot of money myself. Have a safe trip back.