Monday, April 23, 2007

Made it home

Well we made it home. Flights were running late as usual. So Matt and I didn't land till after midnight. By the time we got home well it was real late. I've been uploading my pics that I took and catching up on the blog. I do have a few pictures that have not been shown. I just realized that I was taking some of the same pictures as Ann and Cherie. Dopey me. But I do have something’s that might be of interest and will try to get them up tomorrow. The only thing I got that was of interest before we got to Charleston was the Star Wars mailbox. The first place that Matt, Cherie, and Ann went to release her book on the corner was that mailbox


Cherie said...

I hope you had a great time Sheila and Matt! It was great meeting you both. *kiss*

Sheila said...

Yes we did have a great time. So sad when it all ended. But I was thrilled that I met you. You are such a nice person as all of the girls are :)