Sunday, April 22, 2007

Live Swapping!!!

Twelve of us headed to Sticky Fingers for some grub and live swapping! One thing you should know is that we arrived on Saturday night around 7, and by 8, the place had cleared out. It was kind of weird. There were more people around in restaurants on the week days!
We did 1 swap before dinner arrived. There were 2 versions of The Historian in the swap because I don't think some people could remember what they had brought.
Then there was Kel. Who had labeled each of her parcels with a little picture to represent what the book was about. Ann thought she was safe with one that had little hearts on it. I liked the one that looked like a window and ended up being a book with the word "quilt" in the title.
Crystal (Azuki's) husband Mike also played in the swaps. But the poor guy didn't know what he was getting into. He was stolen from multiple times in the first swap, and first revealed a paranormal romance! He got the hang of things quickly though and was stealing books purely for strategy (it worked for him too!).

In the first swap, I ended up with:
Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult
I was asked by my dad as soon as he saw the cover what kind of smut I was reading. This wasn't a wish list book for me, but it should be.

The rest of the swaps were after dinner. I tried a brand new strategy called reveal from the person who steals from you the most so they won't steal your book. Apolonia stole from me MANY times during the last convention so I asked her to reveal if there wasn't anything on the table I was dieing to have. Even though I think I only asked for her reveal 2 times, I ended up with 4 of her books!!

Other funny moments included when Matt (Turtle) stole from his mom (Sheila). If looks could kill, we'd have some explaining to do to the police! lol
Mike, Crystal's hubby, ended up with "How to Kill Your Husband" (or something similar to that).
When Ann didn't notice that a chick lit book was offered up, "Hostile Makeover". Once she remembered that it was on the table, she read the first 5 words of the back cover, one of the words including "orgasm" and decided the book was for her. When it was Cherie's turn, Cherie read further in which the whole table learned the orgasm was, in fact, faked! lol

In the second swap I ended up with:
Tipping The Velvet by Sarah Waters - this was offered up in the Raiding bookshelves swap. I had no idea it was on my wishlist then and only found out once Ap told me!! lol

In the third swap I ended up with:
A Season for the Dead by David Hewson - this book was from Turtle and one that I had to steal from my mother because I wanted it so badly!

In the forth swap I ended up with:
Imaginary Men by Anjali Banerjee - another book from Ap so she couldn't steal from me!!

And finally, in the last swap I ended up with:
The Hypochondriac's Handbook - also from Ap. It's got a bunch of little pictures and quotes in it.

That's it for me! I'm sure others will post their swap fodder as well!!


Anonymous said...

you guys are having so much fun!!! I love the sound of all the books you ended up with. Cant wait to hear more about the convention

Maria said...

Ooh! Such good books!! I am so jealous!!!

- Ri

noumena12 said...

Oh are jealous...did you steal a book for me from the Fort Holders one let me steal the book I wanted from there!!!