Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spiders and gators and bridges...oh my!

Just a quick note...Ap leaves at o'dark early tomorrow so we need to get to bed.

Had our own wonderful BookObsessor farewell dinner tonight. We ate gator! Okay, some of us ate gator. Even got Breeni to try it - picture forthcoming!!

On the way home, a wrong turn was taken (which has happened a lot in this wacky town) and we ended up going over a big bridge to Sullivan's Island. (Dunno the bridge name, and too lazy to look it up right now.) On the way back over the bridge, a spider appeared on the windshield. Breeni doesn't like spiders, and this little guy was on the inside and crawling her way. We got the giggles pretty bad over her reaction, thinking the car was going to end up going over the side of the bridge killing us all, and the CSI people would never know what made us go over! LOL

That's all for now. Breeni and I head back to Charlotte around noon tomorrow, my flight leaves just after 5. Wow, I can't believe it's all over!! Once I get home, I'll be sure to blog about some more stuff that happened and post all my pictures. I didn't bring my own laptop with me, so I haven't been able to blog about the con as often as I would have liked. (Thank you Apolonia for being generous with yours!)


ETA: This is the bridge we went over, the Cooper River bridge.

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