Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lost Books??

Cherie and I released a “bunch” of books in the hotel…in the elevator lobby of each floor of the hotel. WE believe some of those books were picked up last night. Unfortunately, we visited many of the floors this morning and ALL the books are missing. I believe that the hotel “confiscated” these and that they weren’t ALL picked up. These were good books! We picked books that we thought might be picked up by non-Bookcrossers and we might be able to “catch” some new Bookcrossers. Many of them were very nice hardback books. Here is the list of my books that were released:



I'm addicted! Make the whole world a library!




Anonymous said...

I hope at least some of these got picked up by hotel guests!!

- Ri

Unknown said...

Did you check the book buffet? Maybe the manager got tired of seeing them lying around and moved them all to the tables.