Saturday, April 21, 2007

Living with Cherie...What an Experience!! :)

Living with Cherie is an experience! First, you just can not imaging how much "stuff" she has brought with her. My stuff fits in a single quart size ziploc bag! All of the stuff you see on the counter is Cherie's!

Cherie is NOT a morning person! I swear she stood like this for 10 minutes...I thought she might have fallen asleep.

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Cherie said...

Actually... that's not completely true. I didn't bring both hairdryers on the counter, and on each side of the sink is a towel, a hand towel and a face cloth, that isn't specifically mine as much as both of ours, but in general, yeah... so I'm a P.A.P. (Pagan American Princess). So deal with it! Love me, love my baggage! :P

Re picture 2, ummmm... I think bad Nou neglected to mention that my suitcase full of clothes was on one of those standy-things in the closet, so no no, I wasn't just standing there sleeping or nothing, but simply trying to figure out what was where, and what I could wear. It was the first morning there... after not having gotten in until 2 in the morning the night before from the airport... so both my head, and my things, were a little more discombobulated than usual. %{