Saturday, April 21, 2007


While out exploring Charleston today, we stopped at the Old Exchange. There was a little gift shop, so I picked up a couple of small items. When I went to pay for my stuff, one of the employees mentioned to the other employee that a book had been found in the street that had stickers all over it about it being a free book. She told me about it, and I said "Imagine that!" (LOL) The one girl seemed to be really fascinated by the whole BookCrossing concept, and was excited to look into it. She said she was going to Greece next month, and wanted to leave some books there. So yay for new BookCrossers!

(Breeni and I did end up telling her who we were! We also found out at our dinner swap tonight that it's possible that the book the girl found was left by an Obsessor!!)

Oh, and on a side note, I just checked my local news...and there was a 3.2 earthquake in San Diego county early this morning. Ha ha!

Actually, it probably wouldn't even have been enough to wake me up! :)

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