Thursday, April 26, 2007

Extra discounts on the books we bought at Blue Bicycle Books

As I was adding the prices I paid for the 3 books I got from Blue Bicycle into my Book Collector software, I noticed that she made a mistake in my favor ringing them up.

Rather than just taking 10% off at the end, she took 10% off each subtotal. So first she rang in $3.50, hit the 10% off, which deducted 0.35, then she rang in another $3.50, and took another 10% off that subtotal (6.65) for another 0.67 off. (Subtotal now at 5.98.) Finally she rang in my last book, which was $5.98, and took yet another 10% off for $1.20. So the total before tax came to $10.76 when it should've actually been $11.68. w00t w00t!!


Unknown said...

Hmmm....I think I already threw my receipt away. It did seem like it was less than I was expecting when she told me the total, though...

Cherie said...

LOL I figured most of you did... only obsessive packrats like me study each receipt when they get home, calculate the discounts to store it in their software, and then store it inside the book.

I swear though... if it was anything thicker than a slip of paper, I'd throw it away.... I promise! I'm trying not to be such a packrat anymore otherwise we'll have waaaay too much shit to move come California time! ack!